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Health, LLC

Wellness Empowered 

from Burnout to Balance

We are all about undermining overwhelm by supporting the body's inherent ability to heal itself.



If you are interested in working with a wellness professional to address pain and stress, read on, or                                                   to find out how our methods can help.




Healing requires a safe space which we aim to be physically and emotionally for all. Organic oils for the skin, free & clear cleaning products for surfaces and linens, and loving-kindness are provided here. 

"Harmony through tolerance. Diversity in forms. Unity in essence."  ~Grand Master Choa Kok Sui


Designed for You

Reducing overwhelm and burnout with these services:

Dynamic Neurofeedback

Keeping your brain fit is relaxing when you include NeurOptimal® sessions as part of your wellness program. This non-invasive, passive system helps you build resilience and flexibility for easier stress management & enhanced learning capacity. Recline comfortably in the Zero Gravity chair while the system does all the work of training the brain using music for auditory signaling. Results can include improved concentration, more calm and confidence, healthier sleep habits and enhanced problem solving. NeurOptimal® can be used by all ages, no diagnosis required to experience this FDA approved wellness device.

Energy Medicine

Pranic Healing®, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, facilitates healing in the body and emotions by addressing the energetic pathways. The word 'prana' originates from the Sanskrit language and means 'Life Force". This is the energy/Chi/Qi that keeps all living things alive and healthy. As a science, Pranic Heling® studies our energetic anatomy, also called the bioplasmic body, etheric body, energy body or aura. As our physical and energy bodies are interconnected, what affects one, affects the other. This powerful technique to amplify the body's natural self-healing ability without drugs or even touch can be delivered in person at our business location or remotely as distance healing. 

Therapeutic Massage

Move better, breathe better, live better! Integrative Massage brings together several modalities that incorporate various tools in addition to traditional manual therapy. These can include Hot Stone, IASTM and/or Cupping, for optimal health of the body's soft tissues (fascia, muscles, tendons) in a relaxed environment. Traditional Massage reduces stress & anxiety while increasing circulation of blood and lymph utilizing the soothing manual techniques such as effleurage and pettrisage. Both Integrative and Traditional sessions keep you comfortable with the heated table, luxurious Boiance face rest, and choice of essential oil.

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To book online, use the Book Now button in the top left of the page. Text and calls will be taken during regular business hours for questions or scheduling. Please notice we now offer 2 locations, 135th & Lamar or in Corporate Lakes 121st & Metcalf.

*Just a note: we are our own receptionist so thank you for your patience with our response time. Your text/call is high priority and will be answered! 


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