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Sometimes stress and overwhelm create challenges for our brain and body. From brain fog to anxiety, digestive distress to hypertension, the ways it can impact our health are numerous and are known to cause illness and disease when not cared for. 


If you have considered working with a wellness professional to address pain and stress, read on or contact us to see how our methods can help.   


Healing requires a safe space which we aim to be physically and emotionally for all. 

"Harmony through tolerance. Diversity in forms. Unity in essence."  ~Grand Master Choa Kok Sui


Area of Expertise

Reducing overwhelm and burnout with these services:

Dynamic Neurofeedback

An upgraded brain is an upgraded life! This non-invasive system builds resilience and flexibility in cognitive function. Enjoy the benefits of reclining comfortably in the Zero Gravity chair while the system does all the work of training the brain using music for auditory signaling  .

Energy Medicine

Pranic Healing, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, facilitates healing in the body and emotions by addressing the energetic pathways. Relax on the table during this modality performed with the practitioner's hands above the body and clothes.

Therapeutic Massage

Move better, breathe better, live better! Integrative Massage brings together several modalities for optimal health of the body's soft tissues (fascia, muscles, tendons) in a relaxed environment and Traditional Massage reduces stress & anxiety while increasing circulation of blood and lymph.

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Meet your practitioner

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