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Glad you're here! On this page you'll find a bit of my story surrounding my interest in health & wellness. My enthusiasm to share what complimentary care can do originates from personal experiences. Healing traumatic brain injuries from sports and auto accidents, supporting pregnancies, post-operative recoveries, and the emotional healing through times of major life transitions are the most significant examples. Serving my community through heart-centered, intelligent wellness care is one way I've been celebrating with gratitude for over 20 years! 


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About your Wellness Practicioner...

the studies:

+ Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Pre-Physical Therapy from the University of Kansas

+ Associates of Science and Associates of Arts in Liberal Arts from Johnson County Community College 

+ 2 diplomas with honors in Therapeutic Massage totaling 1225 hours (BMSI Institute; WellSpring School of Allied Health)

+ Pranic Healer including Advanced and Psychotherapy training 

+ additional certificates including kinesio-taping, IASTM and lymphatic drainage

+Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist (ISSA)

the stories:

As an undergraduate, I was inspired by a physical therapist's use of massage modalities which were gentler on the clients. Patients preferred the moderate intensity compared to traditional PT and and the freedom massage therapy gave them over their own treatment plan. With massage, a client can schedule any number of sessions depending on their goals with the guidance of the therapist. Working with the soft tissues of the body (fascia, muscle, tendons) I have assisted with faster healing, stopping migraines, reducing inflammation & swelling, improving range of motion in joints, better breathing, and with pain and regularity of menstrual cycles.  

Admittedly, while attending my first of two therapeutic massage programs I did not set out to include energy medicine as a part of my training. Little did I predict the extended blessings that would come with my first pregnancy. It was required I switch from the deeper, hands-on courses to the safer-for-pregnant-bodies modality of Reiki. In learning about Universal Energy/Life Force came the understanding of how powerfully it can help heal in a hands-off approach. Soon after this intro to energy work, Pranic Healing entered my path and has been truly inspiring and life changing. GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui developed this modern-day practice from years of research and testing a variety of long established energy practices. Pranic Healing is one of the most systematic and complete forms of energy healing in the world. It clears the energy pathways (the auras, chakras and meridians) of diseased and negative energies to facilitate faster healing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. 


Brain health quickly became a passion while witnessing the effects of dementia in my grandmother's later years coupled with my own experiences of traumatic brain injuries.  Research and college course work in areas such as neurodiagnostic technology led to many valuable insights that instigate healthy habit change. However, experience truly is the teacher. After sustaining a sport injury, the traditional concussion/TBI protocol wasn't yielding good results for me. So I followed a recommendation for chiropractic care and neurofeedback. These modalities delivered far better outcomes within a significantly shorter amount of time. I knew this technology of dynamical neurofeedback needed to be more available, not only for injuries but for enhancing the brain to balance itself to be flexible, resilient and efficient. This system works with your brain giving it the information it needs to shift, organize and heal. Calming the central nervous system with neurofeedback allows healthier responses to daily situations and stressors. No diagnosis or injury required to brain train!

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