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a brain health super tool



Supporting your best brain health is easy when you include NeurOptimal® sessions as part of your wellness program. This dynamic system helps you build resilience and flexibility for easier stress management & enhanced learning capacity. Relax while the system does all the work of training the brain using music for auditory signaling. The sensors are read-only, meaning it is 100% non-invasive. Results can include improved concentration, more calm and confidence, healthier sleep habits and enhanced problem solving. NeurOptimal® can be used by all ages, no diagnosis required to experience this FDA approved wellness device.

for all ages

The family that trains together...

see how brain training is used for youth & adults

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Brain Training, Martial Arts & Combative Sport

I was first introduced to this wonderful technology while training in Krav Maga. Check out this video on how it benefits these pro athletes:

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